Wednesday, June 10, 2009

it rolls with the tongue

Word of the day:
Bijou (or plural, Bijoux). Yep, clearly French. Excellent example of usage via the NYTimes: "Lilly, it seems, never did marry a millionaire, but she had tons of sugar daddies, who kept her in sable and bijoux." (Sable referring to fur, and bijoux referring to jewelry.) What a delicious word!

Also delicious: rhubarb crumble, a wonderful memory of music in Paris, and this amazing studded jacket.


  1. I LOVE FRENCH . AND YOU! <3 Lol

  2. You should teach me the language! I wish I were fluent!

  3. I just kept thinking of Hamtaro...

  4. Bijou is what I want to name my kitten when I get my own :)


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