Saturday, May 9, 2009

moving out

I officially moved out of my swank Gramercy apartment today -- another year completed at NYU! Not much to share except that packing, hauling, traveling, and unpacking can really take a toll on a girl! I was absolutely exhausted and ended up taking a five hour nap until now.

(photo via gilt groupe)

Also, a personal observation: luggage is a priority investment! I had only two suitcases, so when those were filled, I was forced to dump the rest of my stuff in huge trash/laundry bags. Not very chic. I need to go luggage shopping pronto (for Europe in the Fall)! Some inspiration: this Samsonite McQueen traveler bag for my business suits. Classy!

PS: A summer back home in the 'burbs of Philly means trying new things. My friend Amy and I are planning to try Bikram yoga -- a major step up from my sporadic yoga trips. I'm excited! (And kinda scared...)

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