Friday, May 8, 2009

another silly sidenote

(photo via PF Flyer)

For the two and a half weeks I was a disabled person (well, healing from a sprained ankle), I couldn't wear heels. So I trudged on (bravely) with my cast and a pair of bright pink PF Flyers, borrowed from my roommate. I thought I looked like a little kid, but you will not believe how many compliments I'd received, how many whistles from strange men! I'm a heels woman through and through -- I wear them pretty much every day. But now I find myself borrowing those PF Flyers again and again. Maybe I look like a nicer, more down to earth person? Or maybe guys just like girls who seem vulnerable (and clearly clumsy)? I'll never know... but I'm looking for my own pair now! :)

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