Sunday, April 5, 2009

what a beautiful day!

Finally, some signs of Spring! Today's weather was phenomenal -- in the seventies! So of course, I trekked uptown to Central Park for a few hours to relax and soak in the sun. And although it wasn't as crowded or warm as last summer, there were tons of people roller-blading, biking, picnicking, and overall clearly having a wonderful time. I critiqued some of my classmate's poetry while my friends Sonali studied and Perry sketched. (See his drawing above -- isn't it cool?) We had a great time just unwinding for a bit. Thank you Mother Nature for a lovely Sunday!


  1. forgot to mention, the spartan training happening behind us.

  2. Oh! Gosh, I'm trying to erase that memory from my head. That heavy breathing! Yuck.

  3. That's an awesome drawing...and man I wish I could have come except I needed major computer access today for marketing studying haha! Next time for sure, I'm so glad the weather is getting better =D springtime brings new things all the time!!!

  4. I wish you could've come! Definitely when the weather is nice again! :)


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