Friday, April 3, 2009

POV: embracing our "problems"

(photo via ruby press)

Today, while waiting with Anuja at Dashing Diva for my manicure to dry (red by the way, to match my new lipstick), we continued our usual meandering talk on our experiences and aspirations. We love to joke and make fun analogies, but on more serious days, we oftentimes end up analyzing life's many truths. It's a sobering, but empowering thing to do.

Like for the past month, Anuja has been convinced that every solution to a problem is just another problem. This may sound rather cynical and negative, but I've been called an annoyingly optimistic person, and I think this theory has some validity. Because while some problems certainly seem very bad -- Mr. Big turns out to be Mr. Big Mistake, waking up late for an exam -- they also enrich our lives and challenge us to make them better.

Our problems can actually transform into life-long solutions. Real problems are the kind that shape our character, test our strengths, and keep us humble. They teach us lessons that TV and our friends' stories can never fully explain. They influence us more than any easy answer. They kick us in the butt when we need to grow up. They instill in us the wisdom of trees, the confidence in real maturity.

That's why I'm all about confronting and even embracing my problems, because they always become my greatest solutions. I have learned many times, to never, ever make the same mistakes again. In a way, I've become fearless. Isn't that a reassuring thought? At least Anuja and I believed so, as we waited out the lengthy hour-long process of drying our nails. Because of the many coats of polish, they took awhile to harden and strengthen -- but now they look absolutely stunning.


  1. <3 Look up "Fearless" by Taylor Swift
    Good song

    Ps I love you

  2. Personal announcement!

    My Poetry:

    My Philosophy:

    - Peter Ingestad, Sweden

  3. The more mistakes we make, the more we learn in life and that's what makes us stronger...without a doubt. And we've been through a lot, hardening and strengthening through every situation life throws our way...but now, we're stunning and only on our way to better things from here on out =)



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