Sunday, April 12, 2009

poems inspired by poems

(photo via ruby press)

A boy in my poetry workshop sends me poems via email sometimes. It's totally platonic and fun, and I love reading his work because he has such an individual, abstract, refreshing style that I really enjoy. He sent me the first poem (below) yesterday, and I wrote back the second one, inspired by his style and his poem's content.


I dig your quaff. its
madd poofy and sh
it. I bet you sleep s
tanding and I dig t
hat too. its pretty d
amn cool.



you got some fever itch
that poufs vulnerabledra
matic & lustrous hair th
at moves & shakes like
spitfire impatience &…


  1. hahaha. your title reminded me of the youtube video: "kittens. inspired by kittens!"

    "I'm the mom..."

    "NO SHE'S NOT!" =)

  2. I just watched it and have never laughed so much. AHHHH! LOVE IT.


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