Saturday, April 11, 2009

I'm having a sad weekend

(photo via lolita)

My friend Ming just arrived in NYC from Swarthmore to visit and hang out, but I've been spending most of my time bedridden with food poisoning! I've never felt so excited and sad (and sick!) at the same time. I think I'm going to sleep as much as I can, and hope for the best.


  1. aww... I hope you feel a little better soon. Alex had food poisoning in Venice!!!!!

    I knew it was wrong.. to be angry. But I just couldn't help it. He didn't want to eat anything! and so that made me not have anyone to share pizza and pastries with. and then he'd want to barf over every little footbridge we walked over. I was scared he'd get arrested. It has to be illegal to barf straight into the Venetian canals right?

    so then he barfed in bathrooms... like while we were in the Doge's Palace. It was a stressful time. Luckily he stopped barfing after 24 hours and he felt better. it was strange.

  2. aww yea, he was being a super-gentleman for even coming out with you! Because you literally have no energy and should be in bed until you're better :( I'm so glad it's over.


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