Sunday, April 12, 2009

And suddenly...

Like a light-switch that suddenly decided to turn on, my body lurched out of its 48 hour food-poisoning induced, Sprite-and-toast sustaining hibernation around 7 pm last night. I went from feeling like a member of the undead to happily scarfing down Spice pad thai (whilst watching Transformers! Awesome movie!), hitting up bars and thrift/vintage stores, and being a much better hostess to my friend Ming.

I think she really enjoyed her stay -- especially the shopping part! She scored some amazing deals -- a YSL blue wool skirt, an American Apparel dress, and a gorgeous Moschino red couture dress -- all for less than $50 total. And I bought the above very new-looking Zara coat for eight bucks. Yay to bargain shopping and fun friends and a sad weekend turned wonderful!


  1. LOVE THIS COAT!!! Looks amazing and bet it looks even more amazing on you! Glad you're feeling better dear! Can't wait to unwind and catch up everything tonightttt <3

  2. what?! How did you guys DO that?!
    Where did you go?? Those sound like great deals =)

    love the coat!

  3. Amy, when we're together during the summer, I will take you to all of my secret places!


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