Sunday, March 29, 2009

a lovely, lippy look

I wore my new very red lipstick in public for the first time today (okay, only for a quick trip to Duane Reade). I'll admit, I was terrified at first of looking too different or having smudges on my teeth (what a nuisance!). Thankfully, nobody gave me strange looks; instead, I felt quite sophisticated -- exactly like the last time I tried it on. I like this new lippy look so much, I can totally relate to Gwen Stefani! Here are some silly lipstick-modeling photos:

Would you ever wear red, red lipstick? If so, here are a few more lipstick suggestions. If not, I hope you change your mind -- it's simply lovely! (And makes your teeth look whiter too, ha.)


  1. Gorgeoussss, and as we learned yesterday from Sephora, red is anyone's color! But it looks ultra hot on YOU! =)

  2. Haha, I love you. So I'm thinking cat-eyes (per your suggestion) and this red lipstick for Saturday?


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