Monday, March 30, 2009

free yourself

(photo by krisatomic)

My dears, how are you? The past few days for me have been consumed by textbooks, highlighters, and scratchy eyes -- yep, it's exam time. I'm always sad and grumpy when I'm cooped inside studying, especially when the weather is so nice!

A big phobia of mine is feeling chained down and not free to do what I want to do. So to de-stress and regain my personal freedom during busy times, I rely on the little things that keep me sane, like taking lots of fun study breaks (which usually involve food: Indian dinners and 2 a.m. ice cream snacks), thinking of exciting future events, and making spontaneous phone calls to my friends, just to catch up and hear about the good things that are going on in their lives. And soon enough, I feel invigorated again to hit the books.

What makes you feel "free" in stressful times? Reading interesting books? Watching cute videos on youtube?

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