Saturday, March 28, 2009

spring in a bag

I was never a big fan of Coach and its rigid, old-lady bags emblazoned with C's. But then, Coach surprised me with its Spring '09 "Bonnie" collection, inspired by designer Bonnie Cashin, and created these quirky beauties. I mean, the little flowers are separately attached to the bag! How perfectly appropriate for Spring! I guess you can say I'm a Coach convert. :)

PS: If you're a fan of these fun illustrations, check out Daily Candy. You will love Ruben Toledo's wonderful sketches. I know I do!


  1. I never liked the synthetic polyester stuff... but coach's big roomy leather bags are my favorite. They come in so many bright colors. I love luxurious leather and they make the cutest patent leather things too.

    I don't know if I'd carry a bag with pictures on it though. Also, I think you shouldn't spend too much on these unique pieces until you've already invested in an ample supply of the basics and staples like black.. white... brown... which I certainly have NOT accumulated yet! *sigh* workin on it.

  2. Oh, I know! It would be such a luxury to be able to spend so much money on unique pieces that don't even go with every outfit :(

    I still remember your blue bag from Coach, I think? That one is gorgeous!


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