Saturday, February 7, 2009

a girly friday

Yesterday was a great Friday, and I'm finding myself back to my normal, happy mood. Last night I went out to Mont Blanc restaurant with friends and devoured plate after plate of fruit and chocolate fondue. My favorite kind of dessert -- it was so delicious!

Then, Anuja, Irene, and I went to see the much hyped new release, He's Just Not that Into You. (I actually read the book last year!) We had a great time, laughed and cried -- the typical girls' movie night. The female characters reminded me so much of my friends and I, prone to discuss and dissect every detail of a man's behavior; also, all that office chic wardrobe was crisp and sexy -- loved it! Ginnifer Goodwin was adorable, and again, I find myself wishing for Scarlett Johansson's body. Well, a girl can dream!

update: Check out this WSJ film review

(photo via fabsugar)


  1. I loved glad we went together =) Perfect midnight treat!!!


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