Sunday, February 8, 2009

fruity delights


prickly pear



Aren't these exotic fruits delicious looking? They're so pretty and colorful too...

I'm a huge fan of fruit -- my family stocks bags of them in the fridge 24/7! -- but I haven't eaten much of late. It's just harder when everything is so fast-paced and busy, making healthy eating barely an afterthought. Today, I had dinner (with an NYU friend from home) in Chinatown. We chowed down on Vietnamese noodles, spring rolls, and curry chicken at Pho-Bang's on Mott Street. It was the first and best authentic Asian food I'd had in a while, and reminded me of all of the goodies I used to eat at home. I especially miss the fruit! I'm absolutely craving blackberries, kiwi, and mangos...

(photos via glamour)


  1. My parents always buy mangoes, papayas, guavas and pomegranates haha!! Though I'm not the biggest fan of them, they are crazyyy about them haha...buttt remember those frozen margaritas at Maracas..the prickly pear one was delish!!

  2. I want a pomegranate right now!
    maracas soon, my love?


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