Sunday, February 8, 2009

interesting concepts

I'm so picky about what I buy, especially when it comes to shoes. And though I don't really wear sneakers (except for when I work out, intermittently at best), I'm fascinated by the company Ryz, whose business model is to let anybody submit graphic designs and vote on which sneakers should be taken into production. Thus, every product is already approved by its customers, and the designs are always original and unique:

"We're familiar with the model's benefits: by creating and voting, the community decides which products to sell, which means no guessing what customers want. No design staff, either, and no sales force since both designers and community promote the items they love. One to continue to be inspired by?"
I'm writing a business plan for my entrepreneurship class today, and it's all so fascinating to think about!

Source: Springwise


  1. I want the Middle Shoe! Good luck on your business plan, I'm sure everyone will love it :)

  2. you're the only one who's in on the loop right now... we'll see how things go :)


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