Thursday, January 15, 2009


You already know this, but Topshop is opening in March, and I'm excited! I literally cannot wait -- I walk by and can already envision the crowds, the people sleeping in tents in anticipation for opening day, the energy! And the humongous poster is such a tease...

(photos by NYT)


  1. That's a clothing store right??? I feel like I've seen it on the streets of Barcelona. They have like 4 Zaras here in the span of only a single Plaza. a lot of Berkshas and H&Ms. Too much shopping... :/

  2. Yeah! Kate Moss's creation - it's huge in Britain.

    And yes! Zara is Spanish, so the best clothes are the ones in Spain - you show me what you get!! <3

  3. I didn't know Zara was Spanish... the stores here are HUGE! and they have so much stuff. I got a pair of skinny jeans but I'm really trying to limit my spending of Euros on clothing. It needs to go to a greater cause: traveling. ahhh... too many temptations helen!

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