Friday, January 16, 2009


After my success in finding a perfect trenchcoat and perfume last spring (Zara and Bvlgari Rose Essential, respectively), my next mission was finding a chic motorcycle jacket. I've wanted one for awhile - it's black, compact, and every bit as badass as I could hope (ahem, try) to be. I just got off the wait list and ordered this adorable jacket from Bona Drag, the same online boutique where I bought my beloved heels. Do you like it, my dears?

Oh, and it was only a cool $95. Sweetness!

(photos via bona drag)


  1. oooh i like it, but cropped lengths and three-quarter length sleeves don't work for me and my long torso. i got a black leather jacket from urban a while ago, on super sale b/c it had a rip in the lining that i easily repaired.

    oooh too bad about the coat, but oh well, i probably have too many anyways already :D

    and of course I'll make a puff skirt for your birthday, just let me know what color/material you want.

  2. yea, you and coats, ming!! ;)

    thanks so much! can't wait to see your beautiful creation. check your blog for color, etc. <3

  3. Very smart purchase! People here in Barcelona where the most stylish coats & boots... I love just people watching :p

    take pictures of you in the jacket when you get it!


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