Thursday, January 15, 2009

a do or don't?

Ginnifer Goodwin stepped out in this ruffled, tiered Chloe dress for her "Big Love" season premier. I think the mix of a nude dress with black tights is wonderfully modern, but what about all those ruffles? And the floral pattern underneath? Look closely --

Too home-on-the-prairie, or just the right mix of sleekness and romance?

You decide: a do or a don't?

(photo by fabsugar)


  1. The bottom part is absolutely adorable.

    The top is a little too weird for me. I say an ok-do.

  2. It's the flower pattern that bothers me... don't you think that it just makes the dress look so much cheaper? but then again, Chloe always tries to make its dresses a little hippie

  3. I can understand that she's trying to make the dress the centerpiece, hence the subtleness of the black tights and black shoes, but I don't understand why she would wear it in this context. Because the ripples make the dress look unfinished, while the embroidery makes it look finished, the dress is a huge clash of ideas.
    if worn by the right person with the right execution and in the right context, the dress would look like a modern masterpiece.


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