Thursday, December 18, 2008

sandals & opaque tights

Some may think of this as a fashion faux pas, but one thing I like to wear in wintertime is sandals with black tights. I love that I can still rock my summer shoes in the cold weather - just keep warm with a cozy pair of opaque tights!

I also simply love the look. Sexy high heeled sandals and solid-colored tights are slimming and lengthening, not to mention, they can really help pull an outfit together. This lovely combo makes winter clothes look less frumpy, and summer clothes (like dresses and skirts) look more weather appropriate. Edgy sophistication. Beauteous, isn't it?

Would you wear sandals and tights together?


  1. Wait...that's a fasion no-no?


  2. NEVER. only with closed toed shoes.

  3. yeah, I think it depends on one's personal style as well as how bold the sandals are. What I hate is seeing flimsy, delicate sandals with nude grandma tights. Ugh!

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