Sunday, December 14, 2008

my very own fashionistas

I'm a lucky girl to be blessed with both wonderful (and supportive and understanding, the list goes on!) and stylish friends. Here are Anuja and Emily, rocking out to two different looks. Aren't they gorgeous?

I managed to capture Anuja's classy style while helping her get ready for a formal - doesn't she look so chic with her elegant updo, BCBG dress, and minimalistic makeup? She is quite the natural beauty. And the shiny black belt, gold clutch and cuff, and edgy purple nail polish keep things interesting. Perfect, right?

The other day, my roommate Emily and I were procrastinating on our studies by experimenting with silk scarves. We had been trying to come up with new, unconventional ways of wearing them, and finally, with our suitemate Kelly's help, we found a way to wear them as as tops! We ended up looking fab, and Em's picture is proof that our new invention is hot. Creating different looks is always fun, but its the memories with friends that are truly priceless.


  1. Oh Helen, you are such a darling...thanks so much again for helping me get ready and making sure I looked just right for semi!! I knew the minute you were going to do my hair that it was going to come out looking gorgeous =) You're such a great friend and I cannot wait until Stern semi so we can get ready together and look fab hot hahaha. Hope studying at Gram is going great and don't you worry, you'll rock out those finals just the way you rock out your looks everyday!


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