Monday, December 1, 2008

a tri-colored palette

Yesterday, my friend Anuja told me how much she enjoyed hearing my fashion outlook and recommended that I occasionally create "outfits" for this blog. I thanked her for the compliment and pondered the idea for the rest of the night. At first, I was hesitant - I've never been the kind of person who believed in matching or fashion "rules"; I've always dressed to fit my moods and personal eccentrics. Who was I to tell people how to dress and what to wear with what?

Yet, my goal for this blog has always been to provide an insight on different interesting and lovely things, which of course would include some fun looks - so I decided, why not? I don't want to create guidelines or offer any advice, but rather spread an appreciation for things like detail and richness in color and texture, to provide the looks that will help develop your own preferred style aesthetic. Fashion is too much fun not to share, am I right?


Leather Bomber Jacket, Vera Wang, $288 @ Gilt Groupe


Top Stitch Detail Dress, Vera Wang, $158 @ Gilt Groupe


Super Opaque CT Tights, Hue, $12.50


Snake Hinge Bracelet, Urban Outfitters, $20.00


Omygosh Booties in Paris Mushroom, Nine West, $69.99 @ Piperlime

PS: Gilt Groupe is a sample sale-esque online member's only shopping group that features "luxury brands at prices up to 70% off retail." Comment if you'd like an invite to join!


  1. I love the items you've put together...the colors really complement each other. The leather and snake hinge bangle add the shine to the outfit and the white heels definitely pop the most on the whole ensemble =)absolutely fabulous taste and just a chic and classy look overall!

  2. thanks girl - you are the inspiration behind this outfit! Cannot wait to see how gorgeous you'll look on Saturday!


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