Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Vintage Closet, Part 2

It's my very own personal fashion week, folks! To continue the exploration of my vintage goods, I have some favorite accessories to share with you tonight. Both bags I bought at Angela's Vintage Boutique last summer in the East Village. The vest, I got at Housing Works in Gramercy. As for the silk scarfs, the colorful tie-die one is handed down from my mom, and the color-blocked skinny scarf I snagged on e-bay :)

One of my favorites - an embroidered clutch-purse. It's absolutely ancient, but the stitching is precious.

I love this Charlie Lapson bag's texture. The alligator skin is stunning and almost pebbly.

This skinny, furry vest makes me feel like a fuzzy librarian. That's a good thing, if you're curious.

My mom wore this in the '70s - I always love stealing her things!

I love wearing this wisp of a scarf with a crisp white men's shirt to show it off.

Hope you enjoyed! More to come later!

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