Friday, March 14, 2008


bluntness is refreshing this is true can you pregame for a pub for a party? live life in a steam take this muggy alcoholism or the calm point of a smoke staying up at night fighting poets in your dreams for two hours as tired as you may be serene butterfly queen of the damned i won't be amended or sewn into my costume with sangria stronger than it looks eighty bucks is my redemption to live and forget or feel remorse for what you understand and fucking nothing when you do finally this is the voice that tells me i am a force ringing everywhere i least expect pure vodka smothers and soothes at that point you make the choice to sleep for oblivion or soar to live as free as tiny birds drinking from muddy puddles on trees still rooted to their grounds spilling drinks like a fountain of deranged comfort is the scratching of your lipsy twang the absolute sense of the work we live for to live off of individuality you are a mystic muse write what you think and think what you say

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