Sunday, March 16, 2008

The essentials

Because shopping has always been a passion of mine, and because I'm spending my own hard-earned cash (parental aid be damned), I've been making more fastidious choices on my purchases. There's so much that I want, but with better resources (ahem... dozens of thrift stores, sample sales, freebies, can I say more?) and a more astute knowledge of what really is worth spending on (and what's not) - I've honed my list to... two:


I've dabbled with Chanel Chance, Calvin Klein Euphoria, and Dior's Midnight Poison, but have never permanently stuck with one, because they're for uniquely different occasions: I've worn Chanel for friendly get-togethers, Calvin Klein for dancing, parties, and serious dinner occasions, and Dior for academic meet-ups to smell fresh, chic, and intelligent. Can perfume really complete our overall presentation, empowering us in each role we take in our lives? Can it bring out the multiple strengths within us? I certainly believe so.


They're practically everywhere, but the perfect one is hard to find. I'm still looking for that simple, tailored, and tan "Audrey in Breakfast at Tiffany's" trench coat - a quality material and fit, but with a vintage feel. Because I'll be wearing this for years and years, I'm definitely willing to invest money in it, but I still have a college student's budget. Let's be honest here.

But quality and fit aren't my only concerns. Style is perhaps the first thing on my mind. There are professional chic trenches, trendy casual trenches, detective trenches, bohemian trenches - so many to choose from! For the cutest of the lot, check out Zara, Bebe, H&M, J. Crew, Esprit and Kenneth Cole (all conveniently located in downtown 5th ave or SoHo) or Burberry, Macy's, and Nordstrom (for pricier, Uptown selections). Or go to Gap and Old Navy, if you're not as selective. If money weren't an issue, I'd get a trench from Burberry in a second, but for the cash-limited, more research must suffice.

Zara trench

H&M trench

Mod Cloth wool trench

Lord and Taylor trench - only $103!

And, of course..


Absolutely divine.

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