Wednesday, March 26, 2014

the wanderlust list: my travel to-do's!

I think I'm getting seriously sick... with the travel bug. (Okay, that was cheesy.) If we're ever hanging out and you notice me gazing off into the distance, it's not you, it's me. I've been in such a wanderlusty mood for the past few weeks, my Facebook wall is covered with travel inspiration. I know I've already been really lucky to have gone to San Fran and the Bahamas so far this year, but I think they only whet my appetite for more :) Here's my latest travel to-do list, with a good mix of domestic and international cities -- what's on your list?

My friend Lindsay recently vacationed in Tulum, Mexico with her husband and really loved it. It's a non-touristy beach town that's filled with history like Mayan ruins, cool caves and cennotes, and interesting shops run by local craftsmen. 

Arizona hiking roadtrip idea: Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, and Sedona. My friend Tina and I are currently obsessed with Antelope Canyon at the moment -- the water-formed rocks look like multi-colored waves in different lighting... dreamy.

Ziplining, jungles, and beaches! Costa Rica is high up on my list because it seems like it offers the perfect balance of relaxation and outdoors adventuring.

I've read about Positano, Italy numerous times on my favorite bloggers' sites. They all rave that it's the ultimate family vacation: a small village filled with culture and super kid-friendly, on the Amalfi coast. Keeping this in mind when I have a family of my own one day!

I know a few Californians and New Yorkers who often vacation in Palm Springs or Lake Tahoe. Both places look serene and relaxing. Would be fun to go for a long weekend sometime soon.

The next time I visit Asia, I really hope to go to Thailand (and Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia too if it's a long trip). Delicious food, beautiful beaches, cheap massages, and lots of city life to explore, what's not to love? I especially want to hang out with tiger cubs in the Tiger Temple and shop in the Floating Market (above) in Thailand.

Other cities that I'm itching to go to but don't have the time to find photos of for this blog post :):
Seattle: Amazon HQ, friends are living there, and ultimate hiking/biking trip with beautiful mountainous scenery.
Chicago: Everyone calls it the cleaner, better New York. Could this be true? Also, I really want to understand all the fuss about its deep dish pizza.
Nashville: I am ready for honky donk and music. Plus, Emily lives there. 
Guam: I never thought about Guam until I read this Huff Po article, and now I'm sold. Sounds amazing. (Those sunset pictures are unreal.)

(Photos sources: Antelope Canyon here; Costa Rica here; Positano here; Palm Springs here; Thailand here.)

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