Friday, March 21, 2014

the friend exodus: why is everyone moving away?

Yesterday was the first day of Spring-- although I don't feel it quite yet, I am so relieved. What a long winter it had been! This week was especially rough and bittersweet because Abby told me she was definitely going to be moving back to Philly this summer, after two years of living together. I had been expecting it -- both her boyfriend and her family live in Philly -- but it's always hard when close friends move away, especially my roommate who is like a sister. (Don't leave, Abby!)

While I'm always thrilled for my friends who start new adventures outside of New York, it's hard to adjust to life as usual in the city without having them here. I see things that I'd like to go to and that they would love, but they aren't available. Some of my dearest friends moved away this past year: Neetu to India, Danny to Syracuse, and Emily to Nashville. Other friends will be moving to San Francisco and Miami by end of year. While I love playing the role of cheerleader to their new adventures, I selfishly, wholeheartedly wish that those adventures could be in the city.

Makes me wonder if it's harder to move away to a new city and start a new journey, or is the greater challenge actually in coping with the feeling of being left behind? Would you rather move to a new city and not know a single soul, or would you rather stay where you are while everyone leaves?

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