Tuesday, February 4, 2014

3 winter wardrobe lessons

Every winter without fail, I get kicked in the butt because I'm irresponsible with my apparel choices. Here are a few regretful non-purchases that I'm hoping to remedy next winter season... 'cause winter is almost ending in New York, right? Right?? 

Fuzzy ear muffs. I'm not a fan of hats (mostly because I don't think I look good in them), but my ears end up freezing even with my hood up. Should've invested in these furry ear muffs from Ralph Lauren -- they multi-task as headphones!
iPhone friendly gloves. Why am I still wearing leather gloves that a) don't actually keep my hands warm and b) I have to remove every time I use the phone (which is a lot). Silly me. 
Shoes with Rubber gripsSomehow, I am still buying boots that don't have any grips on the outer soles. I have slipped way too many times on flat riding boots -- time to start looking at the bottoms before purchase.

PS: While I learned these three lessons this year, I can boast about two winter wins: loading up on Gap circle scarves (or "snoods" as some call them) and buying my first pair of snow/duck boots.

(Products: iPhone-friendly Heather Fleece Gloves, $11.20; Merrell Wedgeterian Lyla Boots, $179.99; Lauren Ralph Lauren Headphone Ear Muffs, $68)

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  1. Those headphone ear muffs are AMAZING! So ingenious, I'm sad I didn't think of it myself and make a million dollars ;) And boots with rubber bottoms are SO essential. I've been living in my Bean boots!


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