Thursday, January 23, 2014

favorite new iPad app: Oyster

Lately, I've been spending a lot of time with what feels like a new friend: the Oyster app for iPhone and iPad. Oyster's value proposition is amazing: read unlimited books (more than 100K titles available) for only a monthly $9.95 subscription fee. CNN calls it the "Netflix of Books," which sounds about right. I particularly enjoy the beautiful UX, as Oyster makes it super easy to discover new books.

I first heard about the app when it launched in September (my friend Vivek is one of their developers and we were catching up), but only joined a few weeks ago via their free-month promo offer. Absolutely no regrets- I'm reading every day, before bedtime, on the treadmill after work, in coffee shops, and loving every second. Here are a few books I'm currently reading on Oyster....

I have to admit -- there is something so interesting about Julia. I think it's her grit and joy of life that makes her fascinating because in many other ways, she was very conventional.

I love reading Gladwell and Godin -- so why not add this to the list? So far so good.

I haven't been reading nearly enough fiction, and short stories are usually my favorite. Tao Lin is a new-to-me author. So far his shorts are really imaginative, so I'm sticking through them.

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