Wednesday, August 28, 2013

a to-do list of self-improvements

You know that little self-improvement to-do list that floats in and out of your head? Well, I really need to write some of the key points down because I've been totally distracted by summertime and my new job. So here are three things I'd like to be more intentional about...stat!

-- Writing thoughtfully and honestly on this blog. Sometimes I go through phases of really sharing my life and heart, and sometimes I can barely write an original blog post. I'm definitely experiencing the latter... darn those blogger blues. I'm going to keep challenging myself to write with integrity and vulnerability -- and discipline!

-- Really cooking an adult meal. It's sad -- my rice cooker and crock pot have been untouched for almost a year. Nowadays, typical cooking consists of heating up oatmeal, whipping together salads, or boiling eggs. Even a nice avocado, spinach, and goat cheese sandwich like the above would be a good start.

-- Grabbing coffee or drinks with friends. I don't know if it's because I work in Jersey City now, but I definitely haven't been meeting up as often with friends who don't live in my neighborhood. Sorry, everyone who I haven't seen 1-on-1 in forever! (Johanna, Riley, Sam, etc. etc!) This needs to change, starting now!

I'm sure this list will keep growing, but I'm really glad I'm putting these three out there -- accountability is welcome! ;) What's on your self-improvement list? 

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  1. well one thing is for sure, you're not the only one. My list is extremely loooooong. lol

  2. I love your blog and hope you write more :-) Great list!

  3. HAHA I feel like we're close enough that even if I don't see you one-on-one for a few weeks, it still feeeeels like I see you one-on-one.

    Keep writing! Your blog rocks.

    Also, I just bought myself a crockpot for my bday and I am all about cooking adult meals. Dinner date?

    <3 you!

  4. I can't wait to see ore of your writing :)

  5. very inspired by your lovely goals, helen. and that sandwich - oh my goodness! :)


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