Monday, July 29, 2013

a moment, a break: new york summers

Sorry it's been awhile since my last post-- you see, I've been distracted with a series of summer breaks! When was the last time you felt like you took a true mental break? Maybe your latest vacation? I don't meditate, but I definitely think taking a break needs to be a daily exercise: placing yourself into a state of mind where you are fully relaxed in whatever life hands you. Here are a few "breaks" from summer that I still relish in hindsight...

Moments of quiet, like watching the sunset from a Lower East Side rooftop, sunbathing in Central Park, or thinking about the inspiring quote on a park bench while people watching. 

Moments of activity where you feel "all in" on that bike ride in Governor's Island, that hike in Central Park, that awesome yoga class that makes you feel like you're on fire (in a good way), that big day cheering for a friend, or that soccer game with your co-workers. 

Moments of culinary indulgence... enough said on this one. Trying new, spicy drinks in different cities, girls' dinner over lambchops and wine at Rustic LES, eating too much BBQ at Mighty Quinn's (and then getting a stomach ache), and trying as many flavors of gelato as the cup can hold. 

Last but not least, vacation time! Spontaneously spending a week in Miami for Independence Day to nap on the beach, take evening bike rides down Ocean Drive, feast on Cuban food, and splash in the W South Beach's pool. What a treat!

What are some of your summer break highlights? A walk around the neighborhood? An impromptu vacation?


  1. You've been having a good summer lady! Craig and I managed to make it down to the Newport Folk Festival and that was a real summer treat. It was amazing.


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