Sunday, May 19, 2013

living with purpose: the best advice I've ever heard

What's the best advice you've ever heard? Today I had phone conversations with friends in which I literally raced to grab a pen to jot down their wisdom (thanks Neetu, Emily, and Jasmine!). Here are some favorites pieces of advice that I'm treasuring in my heart...

From Neetu on taking risks and living fully: "Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forwards." This is Neetu's favorite quote and really resonates with me because how often have things only made sense in hindsight? So why not take risks and live boldly-- knowing that life will all make sense someday?

From Emily on faith: "God's timing is perfect." Relating back to the previous piece of advice, wouldn't it be amazing to not only believe that we'll understand things in hindsight but also that timing is absolutely perfect? As I grow in my faith, trusting in God has given me such an amazing feeling of freedom and hope that everything is going to be okay, and all will happen in its perfect due time.

From Jasmine on relationships: "Don't focus on the leaves and the branches. Focus on the roots, because when the wind blows, the leaves and the branches will inevitably fall. Only the root will stay firm and secure throughout the storms." To break down the metaphor: the leaves and branches are superficial ideals (how often have we heard "I only date men over 6 feet" or "he needs to have so and so job"). But all of these things will fall away -- beauty and success are temporary. Look at a person's roots: his/her heart and character.

So thankful for my wise, encouraging friends. Any words of wisdom on your mind that sticks out? What I most often tell my friends is to be unconditionally gentle and loving with themselves, as one would love a child... and as God loves us. (Cheesy, but I think it works :)

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