Thursday, November 15, 2012

recap: san francisco trip on halloween!

Oh San Francisco, how I adore you! I went for the very first time for a few days on the last week of October, right before Sandy. Absolutely loved getting to know this city. Highlights include sampling goodies at the famous Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market; renting bikes and riding 8 miles along the coast & across the Golden Gate bridge into Sausalito (where we had a drink and saw a seal!); trying as many recommended restaurants as possible (Delphina PizzeriaMission Cheese, Barbacco); bar hopping in Mission and the Marina on Halloween weekend; walking around Castro and seeing naked old men hanging out in broad daylight; visiting UC Berkeley; riding a cable car (worth the $6 ticket)... the list goes on!! 

What a vibrant, quirky and friendly city. Thank you Anna, Allison, Jerry, Paul, and Roxy for making the few days in San Fran some of the most memorable of my year, and for a wonderful (almost too wonderful ;) Halloween celebration (one of my favorite holidays!) 


  1. What a beautiful place! It looks like you had a fun trip, and it's so nice that you got to get away for a little bit :)

  2. these are such great pictures! i love the one on the street car :)


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