Wednesday, November 2, 2011

a halloween history

Boo! Yes, it's me. Long time no see! Hope you had an incredible Halloween weekend -- did you dress up or go to any parties? I went out this weekend in two costumes: Morticia of the Addams Family (with a few friends as family members :) and Nicki Minaj. It was hilarious to "play" these characters and completely change personalities! So exhilarating!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays - I just love dressing up and seeing everyone else decked out! Last year, I was a cat (in black and stripes!) with crazy feathered eyelashes.

And in years prior, I was a pirate wench, with lots of (fake) tattoos...


... and a french maid, when I was a crazy college student in 2007. (Definitely not the classiest or most creative costume, but everyone needs to experience a totally stereotypical Halloween costume once!)

What's your favorite Halloween costume ever? I really liked being Nicki Minaj - it was my first time in a wig, and I felt magically transformed! :)

PS: Would you ever go as a cadaver like Heidi Klum this year? So creepy, but I have to applaud her courage (and imagination)!


  1. Love all your costumes! you are right everyone needs to dress up as a maid at some point! :) Heidi is SO creative with her Halloween costumes it's unreal! :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. My fave is definitely Nikki Minaj! Though you look awfully adorable as a french maid!

  3. Love seeing all your costumes from years past. I'm a big fan of always wearing a wig whenever possible!


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