Monday, April 16, 2012

life lately...

It's almost a foreign concept to me that we are already mid-way past April. Unbelievable. AND it hasn't been raining every day! (Whatever happened to April showers?) I'm so thankful that this month has been warm & beautiful, but I hope it doesn't pass by too quickly. Here are a few fond memories from April that I'm especially grateful for...

My wonderful family coming to visit from the Philly suburbs last Friday & Saturday (Easter weekend) = lots of exploring (Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, Soho) and eating! Here's baby sister Jess enjoying some Shake Shack.

Being Chinese, my family couldn't possibly visit without restocking their supply of Chinese herbs & spices. So to Chinatown we went.... and bumped into the prettiest tiles. The turquoise is so striking, I have this image set as my Facebook cover picture.

We had a dinner feast at Peking Duck House, which is one of the nicest & cleanest restaurants I've ever been to in Chinatown (and you know that I'd happily go to the grimiest nook & crannies for good food). We didn't order their famous duck, but we had lamb chops, shumai, baozi, tofu, and other tasty little eats.
After my family left, I started off Easter Sunday at my lovely coworker/friend Marc's brunch in his Hell's Kitchen apartment, where everyone ate and drank outside on his enormous outdoor balcony. We also celebrated his sweet dog Sydney's birthday. It was so nice to see all of my L'Oreal pals and finally drink that Bloody Mary! (On a sidenote, I was sitting against a maroon couch on the balcony, the color which unbeknownst to me, reflected into my hair. Everyone thought I had purple streaks the entire time, hah! I wish I were that daring.)
On the F train back downtown, I sat across from this man who was selling cotton candy. I just HAD to ask his permission to take a picture. Moments like these make my heart swell and whatever doubt I have about living in New York (going on 5 years!) is instantly squashed.
Despite living here for so long, I had never, ever visited the High Line on the West Side highway. So I dragged one of my best friends from college, Danny, for a nice long walk right before Church service at Redeemer. It was so calming and scenic, I can't wait to go again. (And it's nice that Chelsea Market is right there. Picnic in High Line Park, anyone?)

Drinks/dinner/dessert at Catch, a trendy seafood restaurant in the Meat Packing district. I went with some lovely L'Oreal ladies who a) know how to eat and b) inspire me to do great things in work and in life. (Thanks Farrah, Esohe, Jes, and Sara.)

And this weekend -- Red velvet cupcakes (w/ heart sprinkles!) with Jasmine at Molly's. Can't go wrong with a little sugary self-indulgence here and there ;) We walked around the West Village/Soho for hours and popped into a few stores, like Addidas. Love Jas's sassy pose.

Any fun events from your week? I'd love to hear.


  1. wow... your weekend sounds like a bundle of fun! i love going to different chinatowns just because you don't really know what will be in there! :D and that cotton candy photo looks AWESOME!

  2. Girl, your life looks so fabulous! And now I want soup dumplings like no other...


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