Monday, January 9, 2012

weekly recap, instagrammed

I thought my first week back from Christmas break (I returned to New York on the 2nd) would be rough, but it was surprisingly low-key and relaxing. I played gym catchup and grocery shopped, with some fun bits in between. Here are a few moments from my week!

While catching up with Eunsan at The Bean, I couldn't help watching the chess game going on next to us between two older hipster dudes. (It was such an East Village moment :)

A "croquette" hot dog dinner at (newly opened) Japadog in St. Mark's. Tasty, but it's got competition.

And by competition, I mean Crif Dog (!) my favorite hotdog place. They're so eccentric, they even branded the potted tree above.

Working on my brand (essie) with my nails painted in 'mango jango,' a pretty orangey red

Someone left yogi tea bags on my desk, and I'm so grateful to them for both the tea and the nice message it came with

On the weekend, a tasty long island iced tea with friends at B Bar

Another bar stop: this place 2A screens movies against the wall. More for aesthetics than anything else (since you can't hear the dialogue), but still cool.

After a night of dancing at the Soho Grand (with my fashionable friend Andrea who works in Philip Lim press), brunch on Sunday at Cafe Mogadore with Dan and Marc.

Here's to another week of appreciating the details in life - big and small. Have a good one xo.


  1. Looks like you did have a quite a great week! <3

  2. looks like a great week! I might start taking a few more photos of my week, They are so nice to look back on :)

    Love, Vanilla

  3. lovely week! I say this at the beginning of every year but in 2012 I am DEFINITELY getting my ass to NYC. Your photos are mouthwatering :)

  4. Yay! I love weeks like this. And you've inspired me to make the most of this coming weekend and the week ahead!


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