Wednesday, December 7, 2011

the case of the iphone case

I'm so darn silly. I've already bought 2 iPhone cases, but both of them are pretty awful. (That's what happens when you are tempted by cheap things on Amazon!) I can't help but look longingly at other options, especially cases that are made of unexpected materials, like wood or leather.

Brass and wood case from EXOVault

Wood case from Jack Spade

Leather case from J.Crew

I'm also weirdly drawn to scalloped designs. I don't know why! Maybe because the first one below reminds me of a favorite childhood book, Rainbow Fish :)

Scales case from Urban Outfitters

Jonathan Adler colorful case

Which is your favorite? What should I get? I'm going to do this one final time, no more mistakes! Heeeeelp!


  1. I really love the first wood one! In fact it's making me wish I had an i-phone! :)

    Love, Vanilla

  2. Hey Honey,
    Have you seen these? The artsy options seem endless...

    What I did recently was buy a clear Speck brand iphone case and make a little painting to put underneath it (I also plan on switching it out and adding photos and other doodles.)


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