Saturday, November 26, 2011

turkey weekend

Sighhh. I'm writing from Philly after yet another amazing home cooked Chinese meal. Life is good. How was your Thanksgiving? I had an awesome American/Chinese feast with cute "Turkey cupcakes", then later burned it all off while waiting in line for 2 hours with my Dad at my first Black Friday experience: midnight opening at Best Buy, which was INSANE. (Seriously, never again.) But we ended up with a Toshiba laptop for my little sister (pictured below) for $300, so it was a successful night. Instagram-ed photos below.

I also drank lots of home squeezed pomegranate juice. My Dad is in love with his juicer/mixer, so I have tried just about every juice combination on the planet. (Wheat grass + Pineapple + Kiwi? Yep, done that.)


  1. Ha! That's funny...I was eating pomegranate seeds this weekend (pomegranates are a big part of Armenian culture, so my father in law peeled and seeded so many of them...I couldn't refuse!).

    Black friday shopping is not for me...thought i did do some ONLINE shopping :)

  2. Wow SO much food! the turkey cupcake is adorable :)

    Love, Vanilla


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