Tuesday, September 6, 2011

rainy day, sunny dreams

It's raining outside, and I'm snuggled up in bed (L'Oreal gave us the day after Labor day off!) after spending the long weekend in Philly, which was so nice. I had brunch and went shopping with some of my closest girlfriends from home, and ate lots of seconds (and thirds) of Mom's cooking.

I also had a talk with my friends (Hi Anna, MK, and Jill!) about going on vacation together sometime in next spring/summer, which I really hope comes into fruition. I'm craving somewhere tropical, sandy, and warm... any fun suggestions? (St. Thomas is a contender :)

U.S. friends, hope you all had a lovely Labor Day weekend!
(photos via ten june and balenciaga)


  1. I have no suggestions for travel, but it sounds like you've had a good long weekend :) Also, I had no idea you worked for L'Oreal! Love love love! Enjoy your super short week darling!

  2. I hope you guys do go on vacation together! So much fun!

  3. St. Thomas sounds perfect. I LOVE THIS!!! we're doing it.

  4. Yaaaaay vacation! CAN WE GO NOW?!?!


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