Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wall decal inspiration

Since I discovered the power of a great wall decal, I feel like a whole new world of design possibilities has been opened up for me! I love the choices over at Blik (thanks Jacquelyn), and now I wish I had more walls and corners - more free space to cover! Wall decals are such an inexpensive and easy substitute for so many things...

Works of art...
And alternative furniture (mirror and plant, whee!)

So many different choices, right? And all of them would make a living space so much more fun. See all the options over at Blik's online shop, and tell me your favorite!

PS: Blik was featured in Entrepreneur mag's "100 Brilliant Ideas 2010" list. Cool!


  1. I loooooooooooove wall decals. I discovered them a few months ago and have been itching to get one since. I've seen a really cool chandelier decal, as well as a coat/hand stand chic! And, more importantly, so easy for changing styles/tastes.

  2. Oh my goodness. . . Wall decals are so amazing. I have some complimenting the band posters I have on my stairs and they look great!!!

  3. love the little tree one! so fresh and springy.


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