Wednesday, September 14, 2011

beauty favorites: tomboy + girly girl

I love men's beauty products. Musky colognes, simple packaging -- I just gravitate towards them! I was a total tomboy growing up in the woods of Ontario, Canada, and have always kept my beauty routine very minimalistic. Some of my favorite products are undeniably masculine (yet female-friendly), like this creamy Kiehl's soap. It's so rich and smells divine!

Nowadays, I'm a little bit more girly and prone to explore beyond my comfort zone. The other day, I went with my friend Eunsan to Sephora on a mission. She ended up with red lipliner which she plans to use as eyeliner (very Cyndi Lauper), and I bought my first highlighter (which I had always associated as a neon marker -- until now!)

I chose the Sephora brand highlighter, and love the well-rested, glowy result. A few dabs around the eye and brow, and I'm awake. Why haven't I tried this before? What's your tomboy or girly girl beauty product?

PS: If you're a tried and true Tomboy, check out fun blog Tomboy Style, written by Lizzie Garrett.


  1. I love highlighters! I bought a benefit kit that contained one...and it works wonders on early mornings. A dab in the inner and outer corner of my eyes, a swipe on my cheekbones, some mascara, and you have my daily makeup routine.

    I've never tried khiels....but I feel like I should, shouldn't I?

    p.s. Russian french toast = Russian rye bread, eggs, milk. No cinnamon or sugar, which makes them perfect because you can either spread jam or honey to make them sweet, or cheeses, etc. to make them more hearty.

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