Tuesday, February 8, 2011

park here, nyc

Boy, is it chilly and windy today in NYC! I spent the majority of the day in Aroma Espresso Bar in Soho, prepping a few juniors on their internship interviews. Afterward, I stopped by Openhouse Gallery's indoor pop-up park in Nolita. I'd never been, even though it's only 2 blocks from my apartment...

It was so nice! I had such a great time chilling and reading my book in the warm, inviting park atmosphere. (They were even playing birds chirping audio clips from the speakers!) Sadly, the park is only here until February 13th, but I will definitely be back. It's quite a special place in wintry downtown New York. :)

(photos via openhouse gallery)


  1. what a great city!! seriously need to get there SOON.

  2. oh wow!! id love to go there and blog!! what a great idea!!

  3. What a freakin' adorable idea! Why only until Sunday! I want to go park it in Nolita!

  4. I would LOVE an indoor park right about now!

  5. Isn't it cute! And super smart too!


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