Wednesday, January 26, 2011

yay for little awesome things

I seriously love thumb tacks. They made my week, I kid you not! They've helped me accessorize (I never wore my necklaces because they were always tangled up together in some box. No more!)...

They also hold up this awesome banner we have in our kitchen, reminding us to stay still and watch out for our pots & pans! And tea kettle! 

And of course, they keep memories in place. (See this photobooth photo of my friends & I? It used to be bunched up in my purse. So much better.)

Thanks thumb tacks for keeping things together for me in this snowy, crazy week. (If only I could buy you dinner or drinks or something! ;) 


  1. I currently have a huge tangled mess of necklaces to take apart!

  2. awe cute, yes, very handy. i have the same ones as the purple one in the last pic! and keep them in an empty fossil watch tin.

  3. btw: krystal, if you find a way to untangle necklaces, please let me know -- i have a bunch i've been working on unsuccessfully since halloween!

  4. I used to use thumb tacks to hold up all my necklaces, too! it works great, and is so easy and affordable. unfortunately, since I moved home I have not recreated the little jewelry hanging wall I had in the closet in my apartment. maybe one of these weekends I'll do that... because like you I know I have so many amazing necklaces, I just can't see them! :)

  5. love the photobooth pics!! <3


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