Saturday, January 29, 2011

food for thought

You know what's a delicious way to spend Saturdays, at least for book nerds like myself? Cozying up in Barnes and Noble after a yummy meal with the newest fiction in your hands. Mmm...

After a delicious brunch at Dos Caminos (prickly pear margarita! guacamole!) my friend Georgina and I trekked up to the B&N on 82nd and Broadway (Manhattan's largest bookstore, actually) for some coffee and literature. It was sooooo relaxing and nice -- both catching up with a friend and reading some new-to-me recently published works.

I have a bunch of books on my to-read list right now, including a few poetry anthologies, but most are fiction, my favorite form to read. Do you have any fun suggestions? I'd love to hear! I'm actually expecting The Dud Avocado and its sequel The Old Man and Me in the mail any day now, thanks to a friend's recommendation. (I ordered from Amazon, and am psyched about the great reviews!)


  1. Reading is my favorite :) I so miss Barnes and Nobles!

  2. that sounds like a divine Saturday! I'm in the middle of Skippy Dies, but after I'm going to tackle Freedom by Jonathan Franzen. God bless books!!

  3. Ahhh yes bookstores are my heaven. My amazon to read list is growing longer and longer! Have a great week :)

  4. The Dud Avocado is brilliant! You will love it. I'm keen to read Steve Martin's new novel (and if you never read Shop Girl, put that one on your list). For another dose of French love, try Memoirs of Montparnasse. Happy reading!

  5. I'm reading it now! Mom ordered it after she saw this post. Suprisingly, I actually (sort of) like it.
    -your sister


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