Monday, January 17, 2011

golden globe favorites

Let's talk about last night's Golden Globes, which I had a ton of fun watching (and tweeting about with my twitter friends of course!). There were so many great moments -- pretty dresses, funny speeches, and a wonderful camaraderie and appreciation for film and television. Here are a few of my favorites Golden Globe memories...

1. My favorite gowns - so colorful!
Kyra Sedgwick in Emilio Pucci, January Jones in Versace, and Anne Hathaway in Giorgio Armani Privé

2. Favorite Speeches...

Chris Colfer's anti-bullying speech (Best Supporting Actor in TV in Series)
Claire Dane's emotional speech (Best Actress in Mini-Series/TV Movie)
Robert Downey Jr's hilarious speech (Presenter)
Annette Benning's classy speech (Best Actress in a Motion Picture - Comedy)
Natalie Portman's endearing & kind of awkward speech (Best Actress - Drama)

3. Glee and The Social Network for the win!!!

4. Robert Downey Jr. being downright sexy
.... with his lucky wife Susan

5. Oh, and this stylish Chrysler commercial which aired during break

Any other favorite memories, my sweet friends?

(photos via instyle, people, the examiner)


  1. Anne Hathaway looked AMAZING. Her dress was def my fave, along with Mila Kunis and Elisabeth Moss.
    And RDJ is a beaut of a man! I was fast asleep when it was on :( So annoying, if I wasn't in a different time zone I'd totally have had a viewing party. Next up: Oscars!!

  2. all your favorite moments are pretty much my favorite moments! I love those dresses too... I LOVE color on the red carpet. even if someone has a really great black gown on, I'm not really that impressed because... it's black! Piper Perabo, for instance, looked lovely but black just leaves me bored. I was so glad to see Angelina, who often goes for black, in that sparkling green gown! stunning! can you tell I watch award shows for the fashion? :)


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