Friday, October 29, 2010

many a magnificent manhattan view

Tonight at 9pm on the 9th floor of an NYU building overlooking Greenwich village, I lost my breath. No, I don't have asthma! Sometimes, the beauty of this city catches me off guard, and tonight the view simply overwhelmed my senses. I was gripped by the magnificence and vibrancy of the place I'm so lucky to call my home.

West 43rd Street

I've walked these streets for 3+ years, lived in 4 Manhattan addresses (Greenwich Village, Union Square, Gramercy, & Little Italy), and I still can't help but pause and gasp at the sight. Below, cars crawled up 5th avenue like ants; city lights flickered like burning candles under the darkened sky; and the Washington Square Park fountain seemed small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.

I love how no matter how large and busy the city seems, New York still feels so intimate. The photographer of these photos Joseph O. Holmes phrases the sentiment well: "I trust my heart and I wrap myself around these streets like I'm in love"...

(Photos via 20x200)


  1. Wow, breathtakingly beautiful. You're very lucky :) xx

  2. you're making me so jealous!! haha. I am dying to go to New York! even just to visit, but I'd love to live there one day. and I am also in LOVE with these photos. I had seen them on 20x200 before and they're already saved somewhere on my computer, but I still love looking at them. like you said, takes your breath away :)

  3. Oh wow....cities are gorgeous...and the sun shining on them! beautiful pics!
    ( P.S. Vintage handbag giveaway if you are interested!)


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