Thursday, July 29, 2010

fragrance launch love

Awesome breaking news! (Well, sort of.) My friend and L'Oreal co-intern Skip from the Ralph Lauren fragrances team just helped launch the brand's new fragrance line, the Big Pony collection, which I'm totally in love with. The concept is fantastic, with the collection representing "the key passions of modern men: Sport, Seduction, Adventure and Style." Thus four different fragrances! Ralph Lauren has such a colorful personality, and I'm having so much fun observing this new launch! (Even though I'm even more psyched for my own team's launches - go Garnier Fructis, the "big green machine!". I won't say I'm not biased ;))

Also, One Republic's hit song “Secrets” is the theme song for the Big Pony Fragrance video which, no lie, I just watched about five times. (Can you say eye-candy?) I've been obsessed with One Republic since I went to a concert 3 years ago- back when "Apologize" was the biggest thing ever and people were still confusing the band with Timbaland. We've come a long way, baby.

PS: My "Polo" experience!


  1. wow ure right thats a lotta eye candy :p!!!!!

  2. love those bottles! I would totally buy it for my boyfriend... that is, if he actually wore cologne! haha. I bought him a bottle one christmas two years back and he has still never used it! boys.

  3. How cool! I love the package design!


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