Tuesday, June 15, 2010

vintage munro

I took a walk in the West Village last weekend, exploring my new neighborhood for the summer and its local digs: Magnolia's, bookstores, and the such. It was so peaceful, and with my old straw fedora and sandals on, summer really felt like a friend indeed. I found myself in BookBook, a fantasticly inexpensive local bookstore, and walked away with some goodies...

“In Munro’s hands, as in Chekhov’s, a short story is more than big enough to hold the world—and to astonish us again and again.” —Chicago Tribune

Which has led to lots of bedtime reading! Just finished a book by Nora Ephron, which was as hilarious as expected, and I'm currently falling in love with Alice Munro's compilation of short stories, Vintage Munro - a great introduction to the author, in my opinion. I seriously recommend it to anyone looking for an enchanting short story fix. Okay, too engrossed in my current story to blog... off to read some more!


  1. ohhh! i would love to read this...I read Runaway by Munro a few months back and really liked it :)

  2. There are few things better than finding a great local bookstore.

  3. I LOVE me some Munro. The woman is a genius...and I like your image linking the straw hat with summer. It feels just right.

  4. Je suis tres jalouse! I love the stroll you're talking about - have indulged in so many cupcakes and book purchases, and so much window shopping and side street meandering... Ah, I miss NYC.


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