Friday, June 18, 2010

happy friday + five guys

Last night, my friend Kelly and I out of a whim decided to go to the very popular Five Guy Burgers and Fries for a snack. (I know - a snack; totally ridiculous.) We both ordered "little" cheeseburgers (which were not at all little) with tons of complementary toppings (including jalapeno peppers for me!). Safe to say, Kelly and I left feeling totally satiated. (And not at all the OMG-must-undo-belt or I-feel-fat! kind of full, but a mmm-my tummy-is-happy satisfaction.) Five Guys is fantastic. I love a great burger.

Some weekend links to share...

An interesting interview with Jeremy Murrell, founder of Five Guys

The perfect nail polish for special events, aptly named "Happy Birthday"

These colorful illustrations are beautiful

I have conflicting feelings about this fashion film. What do you think?

This necklace is genius.

Happy weekend everyone!

(photo via flickr)


  1. that nail polish is insanely cool. happy weekend!

    xo Alison

  2. Drooling over Five Guys - my fave :-)

  3. that sounds like a feast :) My brother went to the US lately and was totally excited with Five Guys :)

  4. Oooh! I love, love Five Guys! Now I want some stat!

  5. yum, 5 guys, i was thinking about that 4 dinner 2nite! very interesting, little film, makes me wanna go grab some red lipstick and sunglasses, don't know about the swimming w/strangers tho ;-)


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