Sunday, January 24, 2010

I pledge allegiance to the burger

Yes, I may have massively gorged on sushi and pad thai since I've been back from Prague, but I will never, ever neglect my friendship with the best of American food -- the burger. I'm an American girl after all! It's usually my personality to stick to one burger joint and go all the time. If I love it, why bother with anything else? Hey, I'm a Taurus -- I don't like change.

For a long time, that special place was Shake Shack in Madison Square Park, with its perfect, juicy burgers, crispy fries, and sinfully sweet custards. Shake Shack is very popular in NYC, but since I lived only three blocks away last year, I quickly learned when to avoid the hour-long line waiting (lunchtime) and when to pounce (late night).

But then last week, I bumped into a new nook in the wall restaurant called Mark on St. Mark's Place. Everything on the menu is three dollars or less -- the little beef sliders, generously portioned fries, tall milkshakes, etc. My friends and I sampled almost everything, and they were all absolutely delicious. Too good to be true? I vowed to definitely visit again -- and soon.

I guess that's the thing about change. If we don't move forward and try new things, we won't ever know what we're missing! The hunt for the perfect burger never ends, not for me. My new motto is in with the old and the new!

(photos via Shake Shack)


  1. If the food looks anything like the food in the pictures, you should go back NOW! That looks delicious, your lucky to have found that place!
    -Missy May

  2. Well,

    I'll say, this is a wonderful "very unhealthy" morning meal (which I've done numerous times I know) that makes me smile BIG! IF pictures could talk, all three of yours would say; " on the wrong blog" ha. That place sounds like Heaven....well, appears. Yes, I LOVE food, obviously :::Smiles::: and this put a smile on my face. And to think, here I am, trying to eat healther as my age grows...and you post this...shame,shame, shame...hey, life's only enjoyed thru moments, Thanks for this one!! :)

  3. Your pics are making me seriously crave a nice big juicy burger now!! xx

  4. LOl your title made me laugh, but I agree, fast food is friggin' yummy and now I am hungry.

  5. I totally got this whole post. Fellow Taurus + burger lovah right here. Splendid!

  6. My mouth says "gimme gimme." and my jeans say "don't you dare!"
    But I know what I'm having for dinner now.
    Thanks for starting my day w/ some serious red blooded craving!

  7. wow less than $3?? what a deal! the milkshake looks yummy!

  8. Oh god, best food after an awesome night out! They were like melt-in-your-mouth sliders for sure! Look up DBGB Kitchen and Bar, those burgers look darn good, too! Of course, they can't beat the prices of St. Marks though.


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