Tuesday, June 1, 2010

eccentric soles for the eccentric soul

It's June! It's June! One of my favorite months, filled with birthdays, picnics, and lots of color. These shoes would be lovely to wear this month, dontcha think? Ah, Anthropologie... whetting my desire to design and purchase shoes since 1992.

(from here, here, and here)


  1. Hey Helen :)

    These are very UNIQUE designs...and I would say surprisingly Sept is my favorite month - weather wise, its seems to be somewhere between May and October...which is perfect.

    And I say go for the designing shoes. I'm still deciding if I want to up up a purse boutique this year, or falling in the beginning of next...that is if I should FOLLOW thru on this. I've been doing pretty good.

    Have fab day :)

  2. These are so adorable! I really, really love the second one. Sigh, Anthropologie.


  3. i LOVE the detail and color of the second shoes!!

  4. Thanks for the encouragement Tuesdai -- I would LOVE to design shoes, what a great job it must be... and I agree with the rest of you on that second pair. I want it. Bad. ;)

  5. lovely shoes really a great collection

  6. I like all of them, but those last ones!! I want!!!!

  7. Those are some seriously pretty flowery clogs! Me wants! What great style choices you have here on your blog, really inspiring.


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