Friday, May 21, 2010

weekend wishes

Do you ever have teeny, tiny wishes that are actually pretty attainable but still are wonderful to dream about? I have them all the time, and then I try to make them happen! Fulfilling our spontaneous urges are what makes us feel the most alive. And jotting down those wishes are just the first step. So this weekend, I'm wishing to:

... read this book

... find a girl-version of this guy's yellow jacket!

... cook recipes from here

... meet this amazing, inspiring man

... sing this beautifully haunting song

... shop for jewelry here

... shop for pretty bicycles and helmets

And as always, keep it...

Have a wishful weekend!

(I forgot the photo sources - please let me know if they're yours!)


  1. That's SUCH a good song. When I saw them live, I actually got goosebumps during this song.

  2. I love the picture here, very cute!

  3. Hey Helen :)

    I try to jot down dreams attainable and unattainable - putting them all in the same boat (you just never know)...I figure one is bound to happen...and oddly I always get one on both hands.....

    Have a fab weekend :)

  4. hi helen, i saw u over on trishie's blog, i love thinking about weekend wishes :-) i've flipped through that book, very inspirational!

  5. Hey Helen :)

    No, that's a model named Rella. Hope you're having a fab weekend so far :)

  6. The top photo is beautiful - I want starbucks now!!

  7. I LOVE that yellow blazer too!

  8. Lana, I can't believe you saw them live! How lucky!


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